Mastership Class

Significant Leadership Masterclass: Dallas, TX

March 29-March 31, 2020

Join us for this executive workshop where you will learn how to convert your perceived power to significant leadership.
Presenters for this workshop are Father Nathan Cromly, CSJ, President and Founder of the Saint John Institute and Darren Smith, Founder of Cima Strategic Services.

In This Master Class You will:

  • learn the language of Significant Leadership
  • gain a permanent fire for doing great things with urgency as fast as you can as many times as you can
  • create how you make a difference on paper and change the game
  • clearly connect your identity and day to day performance to achieve excellence
  • access a support system to sustain and grow as a Significant Leader

This is a customized Masterclass for 12 executive-level participants. You will capture WHO you are on one sheet of paper and receive the 'owners manual' on HOW to be excellent at WHO you are. You will master the 2 virtues necessary to convert perceived power to significant leadership.


Claim Your Leadership

Claim Your Leadership! Living as a Catholic Man Today: Cincinnati, OH

Jan 25, 2020 8am-5pm

How do I become the man God wants me to be? What does success really mean? Where can I become the spiritual leader of my family?

Christians are supposed to shape their culture and their destiny, not be dominated by it. As a man hopes, so a man lives. At the Cincinnati Men’s Leadership Conference, Father Nathan Cromly will show you how to succeed in leading the culture of your family and your career by using your God-given power to aspire for greatness. This framework will provide the foundation for action as you become the leader you are called to be in your family, in your workplace and in our culture.