Who is AUDEO™ for?

Those who want to lead others while following Christ!

  • Parents who want to lead their families

  • Professionals who want to lead their workplace

  • Christians who want to lead their culture

What does an AUDEO™ Approach do?


Our AUDEO™ Approach helps leaders become better Christians and Christians become better leaders!

… by teaching you to use your Faith for real answers to the five essential questions any leader needs to solve:

  1. How do I know what to accomplish?
  2. What’s the plan?
  3. How do I start?
  4. How do I finish what I’ve started?
  5. How do I share my spirit with those working with me?

… by providing an inspiring framework to better hear the voice of God calling you to follow Him into the real challenges of leading in your profession and family.


Our AUDEO™ Approach helps organizations employ their values and use their values to build their organizations!

… By providing professional development training based on Christian values for teams and managers.

… By empowering owners with tools for fostering a working culture inspired by the values of the Gospel.

What makes our AUDEO™ Approach unique?

  • AUDEO™ is for everyone, because everyone is called to lead.
  • AUDEO™ can be used anywhere — home, work, or society.
  • AUDEO™ solves the real problem — the inner problem we have with facing our external problems.
  • AUDEO™ is not only compatible with Faith, it applies the solutions of our faith to our real world problems.


… Through AUDEO™, we solve organizational problems by developing organizational leaders.

… Through AUDEO™, we help Christians follow Christ while they lead in the world.

… Through AUDEO™, we help leaders use their faith to meet real-world challenges.


How does AUDEO™ Work?


Our leaders move through three powerful stages:


  1. Identify the challenge: We work to find the real problem, the “Leadership Gap” between problem and solution.
  2. Equip the leader: Through our AUDEO™ Approach, our leaders come to concrete steps to align their God-given identity with their course of action.
  3. Cross the Gap: We unite a leader’s next steps with accountability, community, and on-going formation.

Do You Dare?