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How to Find God in the Small Things

Jessica Powers was a twentieth century Wisconsin poet who eventually became a Carmelite sister. During her religious life, she continued to write, penning poems with an appreciable blend of clarity and mystery, of strong spiritual themes as well as an understanding of human nature. In “The Flower of Love,” she wrote: Blessed are they who […]

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The Value of Building Community

“My true personality will be fulfilled in the Mystical Christ in this one way above all: that through me, Christ and His Spirit will be able to love you and all men and God the Father in a way that would be possible in no one else.” – Thomas Merton, Seeds of Contemplation No man […]

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30 Candle Silence Prayer

Words Come from Silence

The Power of Silence by Cardinal Sarah suggests that noise has become a dictator in the modern world, and we need to intentionally and perhaps even violently remove ourselves from its clutches. “Sounds and emotions detach us from ourselves, whereas silence always forces man to reflect upon his own life,” the Cardinal writes. Is this […]

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Work and Leisure

Isn’t it surprising that monks could have something to teach busy modern people about how to live their busy modern lives well? But it’s true. The timeless truths about human nature that have guided monk’s lives throughout the centuries hold lessons for busy 21st century leaders too. Are you ready to hear one of them? […]

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