28 Rocks Balance Productivity

Beyond the Balanced Life

“I used to try to take each day as it came… You know, live one day at a time,” Charlie Brown says to Linus in one Peanuts comic strip. “My philosophy has changed,” he continues resignedly, “I’m down to half-a-day at a time!” Life always seems to “catch up” and we often seem to “fall […]

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27 Workplace Celebration Food

Making Room for Christian Celebration

Our work life focuses us very much on efficiency and productivity. This often makes us feel relative to our work instead of seeing work as relative to us and to the expansion of our human spirit. Even if we’re not in a factory, we can begin to feel like part of an assembly line instead […]

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26 Integration Is From Above Holy Spirit

Christian Time Management Tips

There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do it all, right? How do you choose between spending time on work, family, personal prayer, or friendship? Let’s look at some tips for time management, both from secular thinkers and Catholic time management gurus like St. Thomas More. Time x 2 What if you could […]

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24 Mary Connected Pattern

Hierarchy and Center

Faith, work, and family require a variety of different decisions, which can make the spheres feel quite distinct, quite disintegrated from each other. Yet all things are connected, close and far, and a better understanding of charity is the best place to start looking for a more meaningful, integrated life. Through the lenses of charity, […]

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23 Integrated Life Conversation Charity

Why Charity is Important for an Integrated Life

“At the end of our life, we shall all be judged by charity.” – St. John of the Cross All of us seek to live a cohesive life, where our different roles and tasks are united rather than a jungle of chaos. Regardless of our specific life circumstances, charity is key to unlocking that integrated […]

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