12 Fierce Conversations In The Desert

Business Skills in the Bible, Part 3

“In any situation, the person who can most accurately describe reality without laying blame will emerge as the leader, whether designated or not.” – Susan Scott Executive coach Susan Scott has written a book called, Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time. In it, Scott addresses the need […]

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9 Business Communication Mission

Business Skills in the Bible, Part 2

What characterizes the best leader, employer, or mentor you’ve had the opportunity to know? Likely the great leaders you’ve been most influenced by have been characterized by the catching force of humble yet confident leadership. Great leaders are grounded in knowledge of themselves and the world around them; they then place that humility at the […]

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8 Paul Leadership

Business Skills in the Bible, Part 1

“It is certain that at the time of early Christians, no one covered as many kilometers as he did over land and over the seas, with the sole aim of proclaiming the Gospel.” – Pope Benedict XVI If you think about it closely, communication seems an impossible task. First, articulate in your limited vocabulary the […]

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