To be one ministry that will create 1,000.


What makes us unique?

We form our graduates from the inside out. Our students will have both an entrepreneur’s mind and a missionary’s heart.


Saint John Institute graduates will…

  • Open ministries that effectively proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and His teachings
  • Persevere in their ministry over time
  • Offer new, creative solutions to the current hardships in the world of evangelization
  • Desire to inspire others to follow in the Lord’s path



Eagle Eye Ministries played an integral role in my intellectual, emotional and spiritual formation… I have developed a strong and fruitful prayer life, grown to love apostolic work and charity, as well as have established confidence in myself and my mission as a daughter of God.

A program like SJI is needed because it is an opportunity to form, unite and inspire young people to live a life of significance and greatness.

— R.S., Eagle Eye Ministries Participant