As the saying goes: “many hands make light work” and we welcome new hands! Our volunteer opportunities vary, but to name just a few:

  • Team Captain: this is a regional volunteer who serves as contact/project manager for events held in your city/area
  • Maintenance: with the operations of the Fatima House and the Saint John Institute – Eagle Eye Center for Innovation, we have many needs from landscaping to repairs
  • Receptionist: our office is open for Holy Mass and afternoon prayer, so it would be great to have a smiling face in the lobby to greet visitors and help them navigate the building, and to accept packages
  • Eagle Eye Retreats/Summer Institutes/Excursions: click this link to be directed to the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Retreat Assistants: if you live here in Denver, we hold retreats and classes at retreat centers in the mountains and can always use help with cooking and cleaning up

Complete the form below and tell us what interests you!