Paul Spankie


I am from Lapeer, MI and graduated from Oakland University (Rochester, MI) where I majored in Operations Management and minored in Business Analytics. During my undergrad, I worked in both retail and automotive industries. Through these experiences, I discovered that I enjoyed serving others and helping others succeed. During my senior year, as I was exploring various career options for after graduation, I began to think more about how I could use my talents and education in service to Christ and His Church.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is credited with saying, “The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” In today’s society especially, we need Catholic leaders who are not afraid to “Dare great things for Christ.” The Saint John Institute (SJI) is a unique program that equips its students with the spiritual and practical tools to do just that. The formation that SJI offers its students will help to shape me into a Catholic leader fortified in the Faith and prepared to make a difference in our world and culture.

While attending SJI, I plan to lay the foundation for a Catholic consulting company focused on helping Catholic parishes, dioceses, and non-profits achieve their goals – especially as they pertain to the New Evangelization. In his apostolic exhortation, Ecclesia in America, St. John Paul II says:
“The new evangelization in which the whole continent is engaged means that faith cannot be taken for granted, but must be explicitly proposed in all its breadth and richness. This is the principal objective of catechesis, which, by its very nature, is an essential aspect of the new evangelization.”

As part of the New Evangelization, each of us are called to renew our love for Christ through a deeper relationship with Him and a clear and unified understanding of His Church and its teachings. In addition, the constantly changing distractions of the world require flexible and effective evangelization strategies that do not sacrifice the Truths of the Catholic Faith. The Catholic consulting company that I plan to start within a few years of graduation would provide Catholic parishes, diocese, and non-profits with the tools and resources to do just that.
Please prayerfully consider joining me as I embark on my journey to “Dare great things for Christ!”

“Learn where there is wisdom, where there is strength, where there is understanding, that you may at the same time discern where there is length of days, and life, where there is light for the eyes, and peace” (Baruch 3:14, RSV).



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