Your SJI formation begins on July 22, 2016 with our first-year opening backpacking trip. Led by graduates of Wyoming Catholic College, and patterned on outdoor leadership training seminars such as NOLS and Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries, our first-year orientation will form you in ways you could never expect!


In terms of building community among our participants and between participants and SJI staff, there is nothing more positive and powerful than backpacking. Our students will be surrounded by the majestic splendor of the Rocky Mountains, and taught how to survive and thrive in the outdoor world by trained instructors with years of experience. With daily Mass, Adoration, Offices, and Rosary, our students will learn how to integrate the Faith in their outdoor experience and grow closer to God in a way only 21 days in the outdoors could do!


The outdoor component is an essential and brilliant component to our SJI experience. This is why our students will also be given one weekend per semester for outdoor camping and sports. In a very real way, the challenge of the wilderness is a perfect metaphor for the life of a Catholic missionary. Learning how to push through discomfort, cooperate with others, be a part of a team, and have the confidence it takes to survive and navigate are all features of the entrepreneurial spirit we will impart to our students.


Do not be afraid! The Congregation of St. John has been leading young adults into the natural world for over 30 years. With help from our gifted and faith-filled wilderness instructors, our experiences will always be led with the greatest consideration for safety and responsible wilderness skills. In both its spiritual and the physical elements, your experiences of the outdoors with Eagle Eye Ministries will be prepare you for success and leadership for the rest of your life!