The Christian faith engenders hearts that want to serve the needs of those who are searching. But good hearts without proper training are not able to make the impact they desire. We need Christian dedication to meet up with secular skills so as to incarnate and unleash the Gospel message in our contemporary culture.


What happens when this takes place? Our world is transformed. We have confidence in the vision of Pope John Paul II when he called for a New Evangelization in the midst of the modern metropolis and we believe that our young people have the courage and the compassion to respond to this vision with all of their might.


At SJI, we believe that transforming our ambient culture cannot be done without transforming the use of those things by which that culture is made. By employing the techniques and skills of the world of business for the causes of Charity, our students will help sanctify those same methods. Is it not time for a new generation of leaders to emerge who are able to be in the world but not of it? Leaders who are able to employ the latest technology as the tool it is, without being dominated by it? Our SJI students will help bring the light and love of Christ to the world of business itself.


We are looking for men and women who are willing to dare great things for Christ and make a real difference in our culture and world by uniting entrepreneurial business skills with a missionary’s heart.