Teaching people to Dare Great Things for Christ™ is what we do.  In order to dare, you need to lead. We have developed the AUDEO™ Leadership approach to help you do just that.


What is AUDEO™?  It is a pedagogy that breaks down leadership into three portions:

  1. Inventory:  who are you? what are your strengths? what are you dreams? what do you want to do with your problems/career/life?
  2. Instruction:  now that I have discovered my strengths/vision/dreams what do I need to do to leverage them? to achieve them?
  3. Implementation:  now that I know what I need to do, what is my plan of action? Where do I go from here?

AUDEO™ model can also be broken down into 4 stages:

  • A – Aspire
  • U – Understand
  • D – Drive
  • EO – Engage Others

All of our AUDEO™ instruction can be categorized with these words.  Your dreams/vision/strengths are aligned with Aspire.  Your instruction is aligned with understanding. Your battle plan is aligned with Drive and Engage Others.  This 4-step process will leave you with knowing who you are and what you were meant to be.

We have AUDEO™ introductory classes that give you a taste of all 4 stages.  We also will be offering deeper classes on each one of the stages.